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Home Modifications A Whole New Way

Imagine pulling a team together of case managers, lawyers, physical therapist, occupational therapist, doctors, contractors, home owners and clients all in one location moving through a home recommending home modifications. Now imagine trying to put them all in the same room with the same point of view. Sound impossible? Now you can with Quality Virtual Assessments.

This is a revolutionary new way to perform home assessments. Our team goes to the home and 3D captures all of the living spaces, then prepares the files for group viewing. Notes of modifications are made right on the screen of the assessment making a hit list of modifications. Then an estimate of the cost is able to be created from a list the assessment team created. The best part is it is all documented and able to be viewed with before and after 3D captures of the home.

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Why Use Quality Virtual Assessments?

Full 3D Capture

Capture the home before and after home modifications in full 3D, instead of 100's of photos

Write Notes on the Fly

Write real time notes on locations of home modifications

No Need To Travel

Quality Virtual Assessments are viewed together with your team via Zoom

Same Point of View

All participants in the assessment, view the material from the same point of view

Archived Files

Assessments can be retrieved and reviewed

Captures Home Condition

3D captures pre-existing structural conditions

No Return Trips

No Need to travel back to the location for new questions or conditions

Done in a Week

Prepared and ready for a Full Team Assessment in One Week

Same System, Better Approach

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What Our Client's Say

"We have incorporated the QVA Capture into our process for providing accessibility modifications. QVA has dramatically reduced costs and improved the clarity of the scope of work for our accessibility projects. The ability to have a single person in the home to perform the capture and then have many individuals view AND direct the capture via a virtual meeting saves time for everyone (Adjusters, caregivers, therapists, family members, etc.). Also, we are able to capture the condition of the entire home prior to the commencement of any work. This protects our company as well as subcontractors from incorrect allegations of damage to the home during the modification process. The long-lasting benefit of performing the QVA is the ability to provide additional estimates and recommendations without revisiting the home. Overall, QVA is a service that improves the management of modifications, from beginning to completion!"
Vern Martell
President Safe Living Solutions, LLC
Cut the time of the assessment and the cost of construction.
Terry Franklin
United States